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Reversic Acid

Reversic acid is a rare fluid that can reverse the angle of light traveling through it. Science remains unable to completely explain the phenomenon, though it was known to Ancient Egyptians who believed it to be the work of Set.

When light travels through a normal liquid like water, the light simply travels through unaffected. But when light travels through Reversic acid, it gets confused and the photons forget which way to go, an interruption in what scientists call “Quantum Memory”. Magnifying glasses are assumed to work on a similar principle, in which the photons forget what size they are and grow larger.

Though practical applications are scarce, experiments have taken place to exchange the vitreous humor (The water inside your eyeballs) with Reversic Acid. The results as reported by the first test subject stated that he could not only see backwards, but backwards in time, thus witnessing his own birth.

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